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Welcome to Green society

Green society is the first climate Artistic platform in Alexandria, Egypt.  We present original Artworks, exclusive products and services to ignite climate literacy; to divest fossil fuels to move to clean energy to influence the younger generation to be the future green leaders.

We provide books, games, Art workshops and professional training programs to adapt with climate change crisis to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions, Carbon foot print for individuals to achieve sustainable development goals.

Environmental Education

Clean Energy = Life

Professional , Advanced Training, Workshops,
Seminars and Environmental pillars to Enhance climate and Green nuclear actions to Unleashing creativity.


Workshops, Actions  and training programs

This is a great place if you Need a fun and Interactive way to gain new skills.
Green society provides Workshops and courses can be on a range of topics, from climate change, Nuclear energy and technology, STEM, sustainable development, leadership and soft skills. 


Educational tools 

Green products to simplify the information for beginners And children in order to raise a generation aware of the dangers of climate change and make them able to preserve the environment in which they inhabit.

Green Training Programs

Green Society provides one day courses on climate change And sustainable development 

for everyone regardless of their culture and academic references.

GS ecological space for all nature and climate rights defenders

Workshops &Actions

Green Society designed interactive, Art and professional workshops to familiarize participants with practical skills, techniques, and ideas that belong to a specific area and can be applied to practical or everyday life. 
The duration of the workshops is fairly short, ranging from one to several days.

Capacity Building 

To be a change leader, Transform knowledge into impact

And drive innovation in your Area with Green Society skills courses. 

Green shop

In the new era of learning, gamification plays a fundamental role in the processes of teaching children and adolescents. Here are Creative educational tools that facilitate communication between teachers, students and family members.

Coloring books
Environmental game